Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Indian Online TV Schedule Guides

A few weeks back, on a Sunday morning, I was struggling to find out the timings of the Discovery Channel Show 'Man vs Wild'. I started searching on Google. Put in the keyword phrase 'discovery channel india' and got Discovery Channel UK links. Since I was specifically searching for an Indian website, I didn't even bother to click on the 2nd search result - where one needs to select the continent, country to get the schedule of select programmes. And should I thank God that I didn't click on that link? I will tell you the reason a little later. Read on...

Then I searched for the same keyword phrase by selecting 'pages from India' and voila, National Geographic Channel India link appears as the 2nd search result. Discovery Channel doesn't have an India website?? Hard to believe, but I guess it's the fact. Maybe, folks at Discovery would have their own reasons for centralising all online content at Wish them all the best.

But the best thing that happened to me was the 'discovery' of the online TV guide website - through a sponsored link! It has the programme schedule for almost all the tv channels, arranged neatly in a grid with the current programmes highlighted.

The website is a bit slow, but worth the wait. They even have a flash version of the tv guide. I promptly found out the timings of the 'Man vs Wild' show and set up a reminder for watching the programme on my hand phone. By the way, you can even set up a sms or email reminder for your favourite programme on this website.

Of course there are other online tv guides as well available for Indian channels. The fairly popular one is burrp!tv. Burrp!tv has also powered the tv guide on Network 18's Buzz18 website. Then you have which again I found out through sponsored links on Google. Their TV guide in turn is powered by The burrp!tv blog claims that they cover schedules of 104 channels whereas claims to cover schedules of 300+ channels!

Hope all my Indian friends find this information useful. So what are you waiting for? Rush to these websites to check out the schedule of your favourite programmes!


  1. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Tnks salil, but i dont watch TV . . TV sucks . . . as it has lots of Ads . . . What ever i want i get from my local network (LAN - DC++ . .people do share 'Man vs Wild'in my LAN but never saw . . . will b d/l & checking ) . . I even download from net (Torrent Zinda baad). . . Best part is its Ads free. . . Any way, thanks for the info . . Ha Ha HA . . u r funny :P Football bool gaya na . . kitna saturday gaya :P

  2. Thank you for posting your comment. You are definitely part of the young generation who have given up watching tv because the same content is available elsewhere where you can watch it at your own convenience and leisure. Talking about ads... why do you hate them? Do you really feel that ads are interruptive? On the contrary, I find lot of the current era ads pretty entertaining in themselves. Imagine a tv channel without ads - can you? It will be a bland one. Yes, some channels do an overkill of ads, especially the channels that feature prime time movies, but watching them is the best thing you can do to help them bring you the content for free.

  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    its not free dost . . . we have 2 pay every month 2 cable wala. by the way nothing comes for free. Satellite Channels take money from the people who want to telecast (Movie Or Soap), These people take money from Ad to telecast there (Movie Or Soap) on Satellite Channels. DTH & Government take money from viewers. Ultimate every 1 is making money but not b Viewers.
    I do like Ads . . . they r very creative . . but Ads ever 2 min . . . it sucksssss . . . it just take d fun out.. . u must have also seen, during Cricket match, bfore d last ball is bowled they just show d Ad . . ultimate u just c 5 balls in an over. 1 more thing . . . i do watch most of d stuff long before it is released in India. M talking about English Movies & English Soap.

    Anyway . . . tnks for d info, its really a good site