Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Murud - Janjira Trip - 30 & 31 October, 2010

I am blogging after a year now. My trip to Murud beach and Janjira Fort compelled me to write this post. Both the beach as well as the Fort are beautiful.

I would be dividing the trip details in the following 8 posts:

1. Murud Beach - Getting there, Sunset, Activities, Kasa Fort, Palace of Nawab

2. Dattakripa Hotel - An economical and great place to stay in Murud

3. Janjira Fort - Getting there, Rajpuri coastal village, Sail Boat ride, Reaching the Fort, History of the Fort

4. Janjira Fort - Getting inside, Panjatan Panch Peer Shrine, Cannons, Palace, Ruins

5. Janjira Fort - Inside the Fort, Freshwater Lake, Escape Routes, Highest Vantage Point, Our Guide

6. Janjira Fort - Nearing the Exit, Masjid, Main Gate

7. Janjira Fort - Exiting the Fort

8. Janjira Fort - Photos we missed - reasons for visiting again

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