Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mount Kalsubai Trek - Part III - The Descend

...continued from my previous post - Mount Kalsubai Trek - Part II - The Summit...

At about 9:05 am, we started our descend from the Mount Kalsubai summit. We reached the small village house and asked the villager to make some tea for us. But we dropped the idea after realizing that we weren't carrying any money with us.

At about 10 minutes ahead of the house, we met the first of a group of trekkers who asked me how far the summit was. At this point, I thanked God that we had started early in the morning or else we would have been a part of a crowd on the summit. I told him that it was about 20-25 minutes away and that they should try pulling the chain. Soon a few other trekkers joined him and they were all thrilled to know about the chain. They all thanked me and told me that they all would be attempting to pull up the chain.

After descending for about 40 minutes, I came to the table-top that had railings for safety. This is where I shot another video of the areas surrounding the mountain. And I thought that this is how the Marathas would have been keeping a watch on the surrounding areas.

Video shot after descending for about 40 minutes from the Mount Kalsubai summit [Length: 0:38 minutes]. It captures the view surrounding Mount Kalsubai. Bari village can be seen in the valley from 0:25 to 0:34. This is how the Marathas would have been keeping watch on the surrounding areas in the past.

After capturing this video, I literally ran down the trail stepping on the right areas with Dadabhau following suit. This was because I wanted to reach my friends as fast as possible. We met a lot of other trekkers on the way. The trail had become a bit slippery now because of them. Dadabhau had warned me about this even before we started on the trek. At one point, my foot did slip, but I managed to balance myself. Anyways, the fall wouldn't have been fatal since it was a safer part of the trail with lots of ground around it.

The mobile signal was intermittently appearing on the trail. The signal was maximum on the ladders and I had got smses of missed calls from Pankaj and Raju. I tried calling them back but the calls weren't going through. Then suddenly, I received my wife's call. I told her that everything was going well and to tell Pankaj and Raju that I should be there with them in about 45 minutes.

At about 10:25 am, I reached the Kalsubai temple but didn't find Pankaj and Raju over there. They had gone down to the Bari village shop where we had parked our car.

So, I quickly came down the rest of the trail into the rice fields on the plains and back to the village shop at about 10:45 am where  my friends were drinking tea. I was so glad to see them again. They immediately congratulated me on my unique feat. I drank some tea at the shop and we embarked on our return journey to the MTDC Resort.

At the MTDC Resort, my wife and all my other friends and their families congratulated me (and even Pankaj and Raju for attempting the trek and reaching the 'half trek' point). It was a unique feat indeed because of the following reasons:
1. It was my first trek ever and a successful one too!
2. I conquered the highest peak in Maharashtra and the Sahyadri range.
3. I completed the trek in under 4 hours (2:15 hours to climb and 1:40 hours to descend) when mostly other trekkers generally take about 6:30 hours (3 to 3.5 hours to climb and 2.5 to 3 hours to descend).
4. We just needed 1 bottle of water and took just 3 breaks of 2-3 minutes in between.
5. I had the summit all to myself (except for Dadabhau of course).
6. I managed to pull up the heavy chain on the summit.

The entire trek was successful partly because of the encouragement of my friends and Dadabhau, partly because of my mental toughness, partly because of the strong desire to conquer the peak and partly because of the fitness training that I undergo at Bala Shetty's Total Combat Fitness Academy of Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts thrice a week at his Dadar East centre that includes plyometrics for muscle endurance, aerobics, boxercises and combat training (+919833216866). Physical fitness is very important when you undertake such treks and probably the reason why I could complete the trek in under 4 hours. Despite this, my thigh muscles were aching for about 3 days after the trek. But it was a sweet ache, the ache of achievement, which I didn't mind at all! I have also got a slight tan courtesy of the trek and it could have been worse had it been a sunny day.

I would like to thank all the people behind the success of this trek including my beloved wife, my friends especially Pankaj and Raju, our guide Dadabhau Pawar and Bala Shetty sir!

I would strongly recommend this trek to each and everyone. Everyone should try and climb the highest peak in Maharashtra atleast once. Because of the safety measures taken by the forest department, this trek has become a safer one which an ordinary fit person can surely attempt.


  1. Pankaj Lad5:19 pm


    This is commendable from you being the first timer on trekking..You should try for RAJMACHI, a great place for trekking and probably difficult one as well..It took us 4-5 hours to climb up hill but the experience of trekking was just unforgettable...

    Good that you are able to write down your experience .. Nice to read..


  2. Thanks for commending my effort, Pankaj! I will definitely try out the Rajmachi trek... maybe with you the next time... sounds pretty adventurous!

  3. Really inspiring!!!

  4. Felt great that you liked the post, Kashif!

  5. hi
    any shelter on the top to satay for 7-8 ppl?

  6. Zia, the summit is a small area with the Kalsubai Temple on it. It's so windy out there that even if you decide to put up a tent, it won't stay. The only shelter nearby is the village house (near the well - shown in the pictures above) which is about 10-15 minutes from the summit, but even that is occupied by the villager who offers tea and biscuits to trekkers. You can take a chance with this villager and ask him if he can allow your group to spend the night at his place, but then you will have to climb the entire mountain to ask him that.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing the information Salil.

  8. You're most welcome, Zia! It's always good to help fellow trekkers. Great that this blog post helped you. Just one more piece of advice (since you are trekking for the first time) - always take a local guide along so that you don't take the wrong path and get lost on the trail. Guides can cost you anywhere between Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 depending on the trekking location. The name of the local guide that I had taken was Dadabhau Pawar and his number is +917875956980 - he might charge you Rs. 500, but he's good company to have on the trek. Another advantage of the guides is that they provide you with additional information about the place and the surroundings.

  9. Anonymous3:31 am

    Is Frebuary a good season to go to Kalsubai? Thanks

  10. Hi there,

    Thank you for your comment. Actually, Kalsubai is a safe and easy trek and can be undertaken in any season. In the monsoons, the entire terrain is scenic and the climate is pleasant. In February, the mountain would be dry and it would be best to start early in the morning to avoid the heat later on. Also, the advantage in non-monsoon months is that you can get a clear panoramic view of the surrounding areas and mountains from the mountain summit which you don't get to see because of fog in monsoons.