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Kalavantin Durg & Prabalgad Trek - Part 2 - Kalavantin Durg

...continued from my previous post - Kalavantin Durg & Prabalgad Trek - Part 1 - Prabalmachi

We quickly freshened ourselves at the room allocated to us by Nilesh's father on Prabalmachi and started for the Kalavantin Durg trek at 1:30 pm (on 27th July, 2013).

Nilesh's elder brother Namdev guided us through the village to the starting point of the trek. The ascend was quite steep.

In 25 minutes, we reached the col between Kalavantin Durg and Prabalgad. There were a lot of people gathered over there. Many of the trekkers quit this trek at this point when they see the dangerous slanting rock patch ahead. And to add to that, it was raining heavily with winds gushing over the rock surface. Despite these conditions, we continued on the rock patch by keeping our weight on our right hand side.

Further up, we could see a vertical staircase carved on the rock face. There were other trekkers coming down the staircase and we had to wait for our turn to climb. After climbing this staircase and some more stairs, we could see the pinnacle ahead of us.

In about 20 minutes from the col, we reached the base of the last rock patch that we were to climb to reach the summit. Trekkers from another trekking group Trek Mates India (TMI) were on the summit and coming down the rock patch one by one using a rope that was tied to a rock above. So, we had to again wait for about 15 minutes for our turn. Vishal from TMI was at the base of the rock patch and his team-mate Aniket was standing above guiding the trekkers on how to come down.

They were kind enough to leave the rope over there for us for some more time even after all their trekkers had got down. Actually one doesn't need the rope to climb or to get down that rock patch and a couple of us did climb without the help of the rope. But the rope helped boost the confidence of the rest of us.

We finally reached the summit at 2:40 pm. We couldn't view the surrounding Matheran mountain range because of the fog cover. We spent about 15 minutes on the summit, saluted the Maratha ochre flag over there and started our descend at 2:55 pm.

Aniket from TMI removed the rope and was the last one to come down the rock patch.

We thanked Vishal and Aniket for their help and continued carefully on our way back and down the stairs.

We reached the col at 3:15 pm and further down to the village at 3:40 pm. So, we completed the entire trek in 2:10 hours.

We then came back to our room, freshened up and went to the eatery to have our lunch at about 4:30 pm.

Post lunch, seven of us bid adieu to the remaining four of us at 5:45 pm. They had spoken to one of the Rickshaw-walas who had dropped us at Thakurwadi in the morning and had called him again to pick them up. The four of us then retired to our room for the night.

L-R: Gaurav, Sandeep, Shreyas, Vishal, Ishan, Guru, Nitin
Overall, it was a thrilling trek. Steps cut into the rock face, a steep climb along with the gushing winds and heavy rain, the last rock patch make this one a not-so-easy trek.

A short compilation of the Kalavantin Durg Trek by Weekend Trekkers!

...continued in my next post - Kalavantin Durg & Prabalgad Trek - Part 3 - Prabalgad (coming soon)

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  1. Hello Salil,

    Thank you for writing this great travel experience.
    I want to do the same trek within the coming few days. most probably 1st week of Feb. I would like to know the possibilities of setting up my own tent for overnight stay, I,ll be carrying my 2 pax tent.
    Can i set up my tent on finding a suitable place close to the trail. Will it be safe.
    I ,ll be doing it Solo.

    And please advise if you have any other valuable suggestions.

    Kind Wishes
    Dr. Harsh

    1. Thank you for your comment, Dr. Harsh. I think you can set up your tent on Prabalmachi (the plateau from where you continue to Kalavantin Durg or Prabalgad - you will reach here in about 1:20 hours from the base). You can set up your tent either in the open space near the first house that you see when you reach the plateau or somewhere in the village. Also, you can approach Nilesh Bhutambara (+918056186321), our local contact who will definitely help you. You can help him in turn by giving him some business in terms of hiring a trek guide or having food at his house. Let me know if you need any further help. Wish you all the very best.

  2. hey hi salil
    nice blog
    do u have any contact detail of rikshwa wala's?
    we r going there on sunday
    thank you